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UncleBrutha™ is thrilled to announce that it has joined a very esteemed community in the DC area…Rocklands famous “Wall of Sauce.”

Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company is one of DC’s top-rated BBQ destinations.  Having been named “Best BBQ” by the Washington City Paper on numerous occasions, most recently in the 2012 poll, Rocklands has become one of DC’s premiere destinations for outstanding barbeque.

Their signature sauce has been delighting founder John Snedden’s friends and BBQ lovers since 1978. With a shared love of home-grown flavor,

Brennan “Uncle Brutha” Proctor is excited to now have his sauces available to Rocklands' fans.

“I’ve been a fan of the food at Rocklands for years!” says Proctor. “I was honored to learn that Mr. Snedden was an ALLSAUCE™ fan and wanted them on the shelves in his restaurants. Besides, no hot sauce "Wall of Fame" is complete if it doesn’t have UncleBrutha’s on it, right?” he says with a wink and a smile. 

Visit a Rocklands near you; they have 4 locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Be sure to ask for some UncleBrutha’s™ to enjoy with your ribs,burgers, or wings. 

And don’t forget to tell ‘em UB sent you!



Posted by Rhonda H., cousin of Brennan "Uncle Brutha" Proctor, and MBA student in Charlottesville, VA.

In my culinary life, I have three loves: spice, wine, and dessert. Thursday night, Brennan (aka “Uncle Brutha”) and I enjoyed this trio at Wine Made Simple’s event, “Wine Pairing with Creole Food.” Joyce, owner, and Matt, team member, served as knowledgeable and friendly hosts. 

The typical Creole “party in your mouth” flavors were in full effect:  paprika, sassafras, onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper. In an intimate setting of six people, we enjoyed blackened tilapia and spicy green beans. Blue Ridge Creole Products catered the meal, and even gave each person a bottle of spices.

To balance these bold flavors, we sipped on fruity, sweeter wines like Roses and Gewürztraminers, and then detoured from the status quo to try a syrah, and a fabulous merlot + cabernet franc blend.  The experience came to a stunning finish with a homemade bread pudding paired with a South African Cuvee. It was so good that cousin "UB" and I needed a moment. 

And another spoonful of pudding. 

Next time you're adding a bit of UB's No. 9 or 10 to your dish, consider pairing it with a chilled Gewürztraminer, or spicty merlot + cab franc blend. We'd love to hear about it.

My apologies that there are only a few photos. Had our hands full of wine and...  



Check out... 

Elin McCoy of Food & Wine on Pairing Wine and Spicy Food.  



Blackened Tilapia  

Spicy Green Beans


And just for fun… the Creole String Beans Band

Brennan chatting with new wine BFFs. - at Wine Made Simple


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