Happy 4th!! Happy Grilling!!

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Grilled Pork With Corn on the CobThe 4th of July is probably the most popular day of the year for showing off our grilling "chops" (both literally and figuratively of course..) The one day when even the only "occasional" barbecue chef takes the time to wipe the cob webs, blow off the dust  and fire up the ol' grill for some tasty backyard cookin'.

We say all the time that UncleBrutha's™ ALLSAUCE™ are THE perfect grilling (AND kitchen) companions. Use them as an ingredient for added depth and flavor in your marinades, mopping sauce, barbecue sauce, EVEN salads. YES, salads! A few drops in your Potato or Tuna Macaroni will have your guests coming back for more! Of course, used as a condiment, they add just the right touch to a finished dish as well. Get it now?? ALLSAUCE™ for ALL-things!

We're often asked for examples of how one might typically incorporate UncleBrutha's™ ALLSAUCE™ into their usual cooking applications. Here, we'll suggest a few ideas on how to use them in these recipes from The Food Network and Women's Health magazine. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to come up with an adaptation (or two) for your favorite cooking methods.

We'll start with the Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Corn on the Cob (pictured above) from TheFoodNetwork.com. We recommend mixing a teaspoon (or two) of ALLSAUCE™ No.9 with the olive oil used to rub the pork prior to coating it with the spice rub. As No.9 is absolutely AWESOME with corn, you can also use the same mixture to brush with as you grill it. For the sauce, substitute at least a teaspoon of ALLSAUCE™ No.10 for the red pepper flakes. No.10 not only adds the "kick" but also introduces a delicious enhancement to the flavor profile of the sauce. 

And for our Veg friends and those of us looking for something a bit "lighter" for the grill, try this tasty Lentil Quinoa Burger with Sauteed Mushrooms (pictured left) from womenshealthmag.com's Ultimate Summer Grilling Guide. Now as you may have noticed in a post from guest contributor (and cousin to UB) Rhonda H., dry red wine is not necessarily best for parring with "spicy" sauce, when you're drinking it, that is. But that's not necessarily so when it come s to cooking. The dry red wine called for in this recipe will "pair" just fine with your favorite ALLSAUCE™ adding just the right touch. Once again, we suggest adding about a teaspoon to start, adjusting up or down according to your taste. 

Well, there you have it! Just a couple of ideas for how you can use your favorite UncleBrutha's™ ALLSAUCE™ to add that "little something extra" to your favorite "cookout" recipes. Hopefully, we've inspired you to experiment, have a little fun and MOST OF ALL, enjoy plenty of good eating this holiday and throughout the rest of the "grilling season." Of course, we know that for many, this is "old news." So feel free to tell us about some of the many wonders of cooking with ALLSAUCE™ you've discovered in the comments below. 

Happy Grilling!


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