Cookin'... with Flava! — ALLSAUCE

Local Chef wins praise from Young & Hungry for his wings made with UncleBrutha's™ ALLSAUCE™!

Posted by Brennan Proctor on

Chef Chris Wright's wings aren't just good; they're INFAMOUSLY GOOD! So much so that the Young & Hungry raved about them this week in a blog on Wright, Sous Chef at Hogo, first developed his "Infamous wings" when he discovered UncleBrutha's™ ALLSAUCE™ in the kitchen of a restaurant at which he worked previously. While his wings feature ALLSAUCE™ No.10, Wright also uses No.9 as well and is rumored to be working on a special version of his famous mac & cheese with it. "One taste and I knew, THESE were more than just your typical 'hot sauces' and I couldn't...

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