About Us

                Who is..

        Uncle Brutha

UncleBrutha’s™ ALLSAUCE™ was born out of a love for good eating…

a passion for cooking foods with great flavor…

and a decade of experimenting with the freshest ingredients prepared in an honest way.

Though not a chef with formal training, founder and owner Brennan "Uncle Brutha" Proctor expertly blended chilies, garlic and a host of natural herbs and spices to create a sauce that offers heat and delivers flavor!

Originally from Washington, DC, Brennan spent the early years of his career in his hometown, pursuing his interests in non-food related industries. During off-hours, Brennan and his colleagues would scour the city in search of truly flavorful hot wings. Convinced there were boundaries yet to be crossed, Brennan began experimenting with his own recipe. After many different trials, he created a sauce that his friends declared a “hit.” 

With his wing recipe in tow and his artistic interests still unfulfilled, Brennan relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he would spend over a decade in pursuit of a career in the music industry. He would go on to become a highly sought after sound engineer. To this day, he will joke about the source of his success: engineering expertise or the ever popular wing sauce. Brennan "Uncle Brutha" Proctor

Following significant changes in the music industry and friends’ demands that he bottle and sell the sauce, Brennan returned to Washington where he would formally launch UncleBrutha™. His “experiments” would go on to dominate major hot sauce competitions, including Zest Fest, the Fiery Foods Challenge and America’s Zesty Best. But he was particularly honored to have been named “Hot Sauce Maker of the Year” at the 2005 Cajun Hot Sauce Festival.

He established a presence at the historic Eastern Market. For several years, he operated UncleBrutha’s™ Gourmet Food and Hot Sauce Emporium, which also became a neighborhood favorite, known for its innovative “hot sauce tasting bar.” Unfortunately, the tragic fire that devastated the market forced Brennan to close the Emporium and re-open UncleBrutha™ as an on-line store.

Ten years later, UncleBrutha™ is surely becoming a DC institution. You can find UB’s ALLSAUCE™ at Whole Foods Markets in the mid-Atlantic region, Yes! Organic Markets as well as an increasing number of local specialty shops and restaurants.

Brennan is a sincere advocate for the growing movement to support local businesses. UncleBrutha’s™ ALLSAUCE™ is made with 100% natural ingredients, is gluten-free, and bottled in the greater DC area.